Jon Burgerman - Intervention

The world of digital art and NFT is spinning faster than ever with no intention to stop. Fractionalization not only is the newest term to remember in the NFT game but also a revolutionary one: by selling top-class works in fractions, it is even easier for new collectors to set foot in the field and start building their collections. With the first-ever fraction available on in cooperation with Timeless by Jon Burgerman the democratization of the art market takes another huge step. 

If you have ever wanted to own a piece of high-class art, this is your chance! With NFTs gaining more value by the minute, the digital art market turned from a place of enthusiasts of all kinds passionately scavenging and trading exclusive pieces to a rather elite space. NFT fractions are the solution to this rising problem with a purpose of making high-class digital art accessible for each and everyone. For this purpose, virtual parts of a physical work of art are generated and assigned with NFTs. By fractioning the NFT, a smart contract that generates several tokens linked to the invisible original is used. This allows various collectors to hold a percentage of ownership, which also can be traded to the secondary market.  

Fractions not only change the collector’s game but the whole NFT world. Fractional NFTs bring a boost of affordable and accessible tokens of popular and high-priced NFTs to the market, which injects more liquidity to it. The process behind it all is rather simple concerning the effect it has on the art world: Take a whole NFT, create an individual number of shares and sell them at a fixed price until they are sold out.

This is exactly what the first fraction in cooperation with artist Jon Burgerman and Timeless at Art Düsseldorf does. No stranger to the misa-verse, Burgerman’s NFTs of his fuzzy, play- and colorful characters have been on display before. For his newest artwork "Intervention", Burgerman brought fourteen distinctive characters to life, who are waiting to be adopted - as a whole or in fractions. 

In cooperation with, Timeless and Art Düsseldorf Jon Burgerman will release INTERVENTION as a NFT, available on Timeless.