Transcendental digital art, reminiscing videos of what once was and digital sculptures as extensions of digital oil paintingsthis and more is what’s on in the misa-verse. 

In collaboration with contemporary art and NFT network Flux Collective, an exclusive collection of exciting new artworks was on display at CloudFest at the end of March. The live NFT group show presented different ways of art and blockchain technology highlighting state-of-the-art works from the range of digital fine art, photography, 2D-/ 3D-motion design to video, gaming, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. 

Amongst the wide selection of pieces, three artworks deserve a closer glimpse. The paintingBeyondworks as a digital counterpart to Giovanni Castell’s painting “Pantheon” in a non-denominational cathedral. WithBeyondthe former photographer and now digital painter Castell creates a place that goes beyond the three dimensions and makes its observer aware of a transcendental reality.  

Giovanni Castell, Beyond, 2022

The videoUnder Pressureby 1UP CREW also plays with reality and reminisces a time of what once was. The NFT shows the sprayer collective at work, painting walls in Berlin, Kreuzberg, highlighting the ephemerality of graffiti and works as the last testimony of a past reality.  


1UP CREW, Under Pressure, 2018

With his work “Clementine am Limit” Felix Giesen stretches the term reality by creating a digital extension to his abstract oil painting and augmenting it. Giesen sculptured the basic shape of the three-dimensional object file for the artwork on the touchscreen and modeled it in mid-air with the help of virtual reality goggles.  

Felix Giesen, Clementine am Limit, 2022

All three NFTs by Giovanni Castell, 1UP CREW and Felix Giesen are part of the curated collection by Flux Collection shown at CloudFest and are for sale exclusively on