"The origin of my artistic work is within myself. The wildness of my painting has a clarifying, healing effect on me and is existentially important as an outlet for my inner strength. To me, painting is a reassurance of my own being in the world“, says Denise Rudolf Frank.

Energetic, vibrant, yet down-to-earth, the art of Denise Rudolf Frank is a passionate appeal in favour of life, a call to act, experience and experiment. Her powerful distinctive style moves something primal in people and brings it to the surface in a fundamentally intimate and cathartic process. In her practice, the artist becomes a centre of energy whose canvases deal with frictions against personal and social conventions, rules and established structures.

Frank, born 1993 in Vienna, studied Fine Art at Central St. Martin’s College in London and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Starting art therapy at three years old, opened up the way of expressing feelings through painting for the artist. She kept and created her work process through integrating it in her everyday routine – like writing a diary. It functions as a reflection of her experiences.

The process of painting mimics the emotional explosiveness of Frank’s paintings: the canvas sits on the floor, as the artist applies colour directly from the bottle, working as a direct catalysator, onto it. The works get loaded with energy, whether good or bad, just like an explosion, without guidance. As the painting dries, it reveals her emotions, causing Frank in turn to broaden the foundation. By covering up what has been exposed too much, but retaining what seems emotional enough.  


Denise Rudolf Frank is part of MISA DISCOVERIES, a format that presents twenty artists from a new generation. The group exhibition consists of individual presentations that have been shaped by the social, cultural and political change of recent years. In each booth, visitors get a deeper insight into the specific work methods and visual language of the young generation of artists. MISA DISCOVERIES offers the chance to discover courageous artistic positions that will have a decisive influence on the art market in the years to come.

Please click HERE to browse through Frank’s available works that are on view at ST. AGNES until 19 September 2021.


Denise Rudolf Frank photographed by Anna Müller
Denise Rudolf Frank, Studio
Denise Rudolf Frank, Solo Booth at MISA DISCOVERIES photographed by Roman März
Denise Rudolf Frank, Universe, 2021
Denise Rudolf Frank, Safe Zone, 2021
Denise Rudolf Frank, 16kg, 2021
Denise Rudolf Frank, Vase #2, 2021