There are exciting art news happening soon on! Look out for a drop of the unreleased NFT series “Roger The Rat” by Roger Ballen, who also presents the NFT of the week: “Sharp Shooter”. Georg Haberler, who creates paintings with a sewing machine, is our artist of the week, while Felix Neumann created the NFT booth of this week.  

NFT Drop: “Roger The Rat” by Roger Ballen 

"Roger The Rat" captures the multitude of Ballen’s artistic excellence such as photography, writing, directing and psychology. The artwork is quintessentially in Ballenesque aesthetic, that Ballen created himself during the course of five decades of taking photographs. Produced in Johannesburg between 2015 and 2020, "Roger The Rat" is a part-human part-rodent, engaging in ‘devious’ acts, abandoning morality in favor of living a life that is freed from societal constructs. The exclusive selection of art NFTs being dropped on on August 18th have never been released before and come as a limited edition. Find more info HERE! 

Artist of the week: Georg Haberler  

Meet Georg Haberler, the artist of the week! Haberler developed a fairly different way of painting: Using a sewing machine, he embroiders the canvas and works on its reverse side with Acrylic Ink. The elements on his works are abstract and representational, remind the viewer of childhood-drawings and are arranged in a coherent way, as if the elements play with each other. It seems like they flow from one to the next while obeying the dictates of painterly logic. His imaginative world is full of movement without ever standing still. As such Georg Haberler’s works are endlessly captivating. Get to know the artist of the week by clicking HERE! 

NFT booth of the week: Felix Neumann 

This week’s NFT booth is created by Felix Neumann! Working as an artist and designer, he often starts without any reference and is entirely influenced by the subconscious movements of his own body in space during the process of creating in virtual reality. The NFT series SCULPTURES deals with the subconsciousness of form and are created by the movements of the body in 3-dimensional space. The handling of textures explores the aesthetics of digital materials. The sculptures are oscillating between the fictional and the real. Check out his NFT booth HERE! 

NFT of the week: Roger Ballen – Sharp Shooter  

Part of this week’s NFT drop by Roger Ballen is the audio visual “Sharp Shooter”. The short video work "Sharp Shooter" depicts Roger The Rat hunting food for his girlfriend, is created in Ballenesque style and is highlighted by sound. The NFT is being dropped soon, as a unit of the unreleased “Roger The Rat” series. Get more info HERE! 


Sharp Shooter AV

Roger Ballen

Sharp Shooter AV