Start this new week with your weekly dose of art news! Here is what is going on on Get to know American painter Andrew Jilka, the artist of the week, learn more about Elliot Dodd's NFT series “Super Normal Currency”, Franziska Ostermann presents the NFT of the week, the aesthetically pleasing video-work “on phones”, get a glimpse of this week’s highlight artwork of the “100 days, 100 works: documenta artists (re-)discovered”-collection and check out the NFT booth by Esra Gülmen, which revolves around world peace.

Artist of the week: Andrew Jilka  

Andrew Jilka’s work is about looking for comfort in the unfamiliar while confronting the uneasiness and dread of the routine. It is an attempt to reconcile his “aw-shucks” plainspoken midwestern Wal-Mart culture with the language of capital P Painting. Jilka thinks of his work as a distillation of collective nervousness, anxiety, and optimism. His bright, colourful compositions use the illusion of logic and stability to ask what painting’s relationship can be to the palpable uneasiness of the present. Through his painting practice, he explores the deviations that evolve into tradition, questioning the structures and foundations that inform contemporary life. Browse through Andrew Jilka’s art HERE

Twitter Space with Elliot Dodd 

Artist Elliot Dodd created “Super Normal Currency”, turning his distinctive playful art into a currency. The NFT series starts as gleaming, rotating coins and with the denominations increasing, so does the visual complexity of the coins. Vapid dilated eyeballs combine with icky, turgid flesh and hi-res mechanics, all clinging to a glowing gold coin. The first two coins of the five-piece series are available on with the next drops coming up within the next weeks. Join the Twitter space with Elliot this Thursday, August 25th and in the meantime, learn more about the artist and his work HERE 

NFT in focus: “on phones” by Franziska Ostermann 

Multimedia artist Franziska Ostermann works in the fields of contemporary photography, video and writing as well as their intersection. In her work she explores virtuality, matters of identity and the internet. The NFT “on phones” captures the position of the body, which appears extended to infinity in the photograph. In the aesthetically pleasing video virtual and physical corporeality, living body and virtual physicality merge. Learn more about the NFT HERE!  

"100 days, 100 works- documenta artists (re-)discovered" continues with a highlight by Thomas Bayrle  

Every five years, documenta turns the city of Kassel into an iridescent art space 100 days long showing important positions of contemporary art. With “100 days, 100 works” brings one of the most important exhibitions for modern art into the web and releases 100 various works in 100 days online until September 25th putting the spotlight on artists who have exhibited in Kassel before. This week sees a highlight work by Thomas Bayrle, one of the most important German artists after 1945. Don’t miss out and sign up for the newest art drops HERE! 

NFT booth of the week: Esra Gülmen 

Esra Gülmen is known for her drawings, oftentimes the visualization of feelings, responding to this century’s reality and discourses about current trends, popular culture and activism. Her NFT-series “Peaceful Flags” are flags, that don’t belong to no country, no institution but humans. These flags have no colors but messages only about peace, empathy and coexistence. Esra Gülmen created the NFTs to raise awareness for the war in Ukraine donating half of the proceeds to the initiative #UnitedForUkraine. Buy the NFTs HERE!