MUTANT_May 2020, 2022

Acrylic pen on fine art print
60 x 60 cm; 23.6 x 23.6 in, sheet
63 x 63 cm; 24.8 x 24.8 in, framed
24-Hour Physical Drop 

€250 €297,50 incl. VAT, excl. Shipping excl. Shipping
Available from Jul 28 2022 at 6 PM CEST
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Includes Certificate of Authenticity
"A few days before the lockdown began, I came to the realization that the only creative activity I might be able to engage myself in would be draw...

"A few days before the lockdown began, I came to the realization that the only creative activity I might be able to engage myself in would be drawing. I cut some canvas into pieces and made drawings with pastels. I then started working on board, a surface that allowed the pastel to reveal a much deeper, saturated colour than when applied to canvas. I began to add layers of pastel to obtain more complexity and subtlety. The work began to have the effect of painting, where colour blends with canvas to create a multidimensional, singular reality. I quickly understood that the themes and imagery of my drawings were connected to the global pandemic. Ghostlike figures, predatory beasts, viruses and sickly figures reflected a world of fear, chaos and uncertainty." - Roger Ballen

Born in the US and based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Roger Ballen is one of the most important photographers of his generation. He has published over 25 books internationally, most recently Roger the Rat published by Hatje Cantz in 2020. In 2017 Thames and Hudson published his book Ballenesque, a major retrospective of his collected works. His images are in many of the most important international museum collections. Thames and Hudson will be releasing a second volume of Ballenesque in paperback in 2022. In his artistic practice Ballen has increasingly been won over by the possibilities of integrating photography and drawing. He has expanded his repertoire and extended his visual language. By integrating drawing into his photographic and video works, the artist has not only made a lasting contribution to the field of art, but equally has made a powerful commentary about the human condition and its creative potential. Ballen has been the creator of several acclaimed and exhibited short films that dovetail with his photographic series’. The collaborative film I Fink You Freeky, created for the cult band Die Antwoord in 2012, has garnered over 125-million hits on YouTube. He has taken his work into the realms of sculpture and installation, of which many of them have been voted as the best exhibition with installations since 2016. Roger Ballen is one of the artists currently representing South Africa at the Venice Biennale Arte 2022 in April this year.

Each edition is individualized by the artist himself by hand-drawing distinctive figures on the print.

The frame is black ayous wood with acrylic glass that has 84% UV protection. Framed dimensions are 63 x 63 cm; 24 4/5 x 24 4/5 in.

The 24-HOUR EDITION DROP is a concept that allows artists to sell an unlimited number of physical editions within the limited timeframe of 24 hours on Each edition is available for 24 hours only, then never again.

The editions are numbered randomly; the edition number is not chronologically assigned to the time of order receipt. All 24-HOUR EDITION DROP prints are made to order. Each artwork is produced and personalized specifically for each client. The artwork, therefore, is not eligible for return.

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