Creating comes naturally for Hannah Müller-Hillebrand. Whether moving, drawing, designing or painting, Hannah finds various outlets for her creativity, following a holistic approach towards artistry. For the self-taught artist creating supports the journey to self-love, allowing herself to channel inner freedom and seeing also herself as an artwork. Following that idea, Hannah aims to encourage self-healing, rejuvenation and trusting ones intuition.  

When it comes to her style, the artist finds endless inspiration in femininity and women. Her paintings visualize the connection between humans and nature from a feminist perspective and are the expression of Hannah’s fascination for the female. Fine outlines of women’s bodies drawn with crayon on colorful backgrounds, or bold female figures brought to life with vibrant oil colors are aspects of Hannah Müller-Hillebrand’s aesthetics. Looking at her art, one gets the impression of a highly intuitive practice radiating the artist’s personality. “Intuition is not only my key ingredient when it comes to starting a new piece, but also the tool I want to use when looking at my work”, Müller-Hillebrand explains her way of creating.  

With her ever-developing style, Hannah Müller-Hillebrand is part of an artistic movement driven by young female artists, who express and aim to encourage female empowerment with their art. Müller-Hillebrand views that vision as her source of inspiration and with her art wants to buoy women to connect with their deep, intuitive nature.  

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