The latest NFT drops on capture the Zeitgeist of digital art and bring together two artist’s different approaches: the series Kokomo Coin by duo Hanakam & Schuller is a generative video created out of digital photograms, while the drop Einklang by Max Schweder is a visualization of the musical outro of No! By Bukahara in the Version of d’accord.  

Austrian artist duo Hanakam & Schuller has been focusing on working with derivatives of daily consumption, plastic containers and seals in various shapes and colours, all based on the same system. Similar to the sentence components of a chat bot, the individual parts can be connected with each other almost arbitrarily. The NFT series Kokomo Coin, are scans of these objects – digital photograms – are virtually assembled into rotating surfaces to which historical coin nomenclature is attributed, featuring various historical coins from European antiquity to the Renaissance, and their specific money – values in context.  

In cooperation with ARD, artist Max Schweder created the NFT “Einklang” visualizing the vocal performance of the choir performing on television. The artist uses the data obtained by spectral analysis to control a fluid simulation. The idea is that the sounds are like forms and colours running across a canvas, like in an action painting. Depending on which frequencies the choir sings, and how loud, the generated image changes. The NFT is a personal reflection and interpretation of what the artist Max Schweder feels when hearing the song No! By Bukahara. “I use the computer and my programme to let the choir paint the picture”, the artist says. 

The NFT series "Kokomo Coin" by Hanakam & Schuller as well as the NFT collection "Einklang" by Max Schweder both are exclusively available on